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DUI Defense Attorneys in DuPage County

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Field Sobriety Tests in Wheaton, Warrenville, Naperville, and Throughout Northern Illinois

When you have been stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), the police officer that pulled you over will most likely ask you to submit to several types of tests. In addition to chemical testing, such as a breathalyzer, urine, or blood test, to determine blood alcohol content (BAC), you will probably be asked to perform a battery of motor-skills assessments known as field sobriety tests. Field sobriety tests are a relatively subjective method of establishing probable cause for an arrest on DUI charges and, in some cases, can be rather inaccurate. At the Davi Law Group, our attorneys are intimately familiar with the appropriate procedures to be used in administering field sobriety tests. If you have been arrested as the result of such tests, we are prepared to help you.

Standardized Field Sobriety Test Attorneys in Northern Illinois

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) recognizes a series of three tests as a "scientifically" valid way to establish the impairment level of a driver suspected of DUI. Together these assessments are referred to as Standardized Field Sobriety Tests or SFSTs. While law enforcement officer may employ other, non-standardized tests, their validity is often questionable at best. Even the standardized tests are acknowledged by the NHTSA to be just over 90 percent accurate—and that is only when they are administered correctly. This means that if 100 individuals have been arrested for DUI as the result of SFSTs, the tests may have been wrong in as many as ten cases, before factoring in human error or improper testing procedures.

The Standardized Field Sobriety Tests approved by the NHSTA and most commonly used during a DUI stop include:

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus: The subject is required to follow an object, such as a pen or the administrator’s finger, by moving his or her eyes only. An involuntary jerking of the eyes may suggest intoxication, but it could be the result of other conditions as well;
  • Walk and Turn: The subject must walk heel-to-toe along a marked or imaginary line, counting steps, then turn 180 degrees and walk back. Balance issues, confusion, or the inability to remain on the line could be interpreted as signs of intoxication, but may also be caused by something else; and
  • One-Leg Stand: The subject is asked to raise one foot off the ground and remain standing on the other foot for thirty seconds. Again, the officer is looking for issues maintaining balance, which may or may not be the result of being under the influence.

Trusted Legal Counsel for Field Sobriety Test Defense

The attorneys at the Davi Law Group recognize the responsibility of law enforcement to keep our roadways safe. However, we also realize that police officers are human and are as prone to making mistakes as anyone. Unfortunately, if an officer makes a mistake in interpreting a field sobriety test, you could end up facing charges you do not deserve. For this reason, we are committed to fully investigating the circumstances of your arrest and every relevant detail, especially those related to your field sobriety tests. Your future is too important to blindly rely on tests proven to be wrong ten percent of the time or more.

If you have been charged with DUI, contact the team dedicated to protecting your rights. Call the Davi Law Group today at 630-580-6373 to schedule your initial consultation. You will meet with one of our experienced attorneys and have the opportunity to ask questions and explore your legal options. Financing options are available. We proudly serve clients throughout Northern Illinois, including Kendall, Kane, Cook, Will and DuPage Counties.

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